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Metal Door Frames

From withstanding heavy traffic and external elements to boasting versatility and style, metal door frames are a common choice for many commercial and residential buildings in Australia. At Firemex, we’ve been supplying metal door frames in Australia for over 30 years. Where premium quality products meet unrivalled service, Firemex is the industry name you can count on!


Quality Service

At Firemex, we pride ourselves on being long-established to conquer projects of all sizes and complexities, yet small enough to maintain the same dependable customer service we have provided for over three decades. We deal in accuracy, quality control and the highest level of attention to detail across every service we offer – whether it be manufacturing, installation or maintenance.


Customisable Solutions

No two buildings are the same, which is why no two door frames should be either. At Firemex, we don’t offer standard sizes, our products are made to fit any wall and custom hardware prepared. Our team specialise in supplying custom-made fire-rated and non-rated metal door frames to suit all sizes and applications. Our pressed metal door frames are supplied complete with hinge and lock striker preparations, ready for installation in all types of masonry and stud walls.


Boasting fully-welded steel door frames that are each custom-made to meet your exact requirements, Firemex is dedicated to delivering products that are of the highest industry standard and far exceed our client’s expectations.


Did you know that we offer frame repair services, too? Our team offer on-site welding of frame repairs and modifications, including hinge rehanding to ensure a quick and easy job.


Benefits of Metal Door Frames:

As a stylish alternative to wood, the benefits of metal door frames go well beyond improving the visual aesthetic. Here are just a few reasons why several companies are making the switch to metal door frames:

  • Cost-effective
  • Stronger & more resilient
  • Provide an excellent surface finish
  • Easily fitted during construction
  • Can be retrofitted


As industry-leading experts in metal door frames in Australia, we offer the following:


Fire Rated Metal Frames

Our fire rated metal frames offer the best of both worlds – undeniable style, resilience and optimal fire protection to keep your largest assets safe:

  • Frames are 1.55mm – zinc-coated steel, stainless steel, galvanised
  • Rebated to suit customer specifications


Non-Rated Metal Frames

Whether you’re looking for a sturdier and more resilient alternative to timber frames or perhaps you simply like the visual appeal that metal frames have to offer, our non-rated metal frames feature a strong frame that is customised to suit the exact shape and size you’re after:

  • Frames are 1.1mm zinc-coated steel
  • Rebated to suit customers specifications


If you’re seeking an affordable and quality door frame solution, look no further than our metal door frames in Australia.  Our team of industry experts will take care of the process to offer a hassle-free and streamlined service from start to finish. For more information about our services, please contact us today on (07) 3277 3200.

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