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Acoustic, Ballistic & Special Performance Doors

Bullet Proof Doors


From harsh impact and general weathering to gunshot force, Firemex bullet proof doors in Australia are carefully designed to withstand heavy shock and maintain the integrity of your door set.


When it comes to designing premium quality, bullet proof doors, we prioritise your needs and are dedicated to creating effective and sustainable solutions that best suit your requirements. With clients all around the world, we are experienced in manufacturing and fitting bullet proof doors for leading banks and embassies in Australia and overseas.


Firemex Bullet Resistant Doorsets are tested to Australian Standards, and are available in a range of sizes, complete with 2mm steel door frames and factory-fitted door hardware to ensure the integrity of the door set and optimal security.


Our bullet resistant doors are designed to withstand various weaponry, including

  • 9mm hand gun
  • 44 magnum
  • 357 hand gun
  • Bullet resistant vision panels


Acoustic Doors

Firemex acoustic rated doors offer supreme soundproofing characteristics with one of the highest acoustic rated doorsets available on the market!


Available as a fire rated or non-rated door, Firemex acoustic rated doors offer ratings up to RW43 tested to AS1191-1985.


Our standard and non-standard sized doors are used for the following acoustic requirements:

  • Hospital and Nursing Homes
  • Music Studios
  • Cinemas
  • Auditoriums
  • Entertainment and Performance Halls
  • Education and Classrooms
  • Business Board rooms
  • Hotel Suite Entry doors


RF Shielded Lead Lined Doors

Specially designed and constructed doors for radiology rooms, hospitals and dental surgeries, Firemex RF Shielded lead lined doors offer supreme protection.  By shielding and preventing the passage of x-rays, you can be confident your staff and patients are well protected.


Cyclone Impact Rated Doors

Firemex has the highest impact rated door incorporating a vision panel available in Australia!  Tested to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 our impact rated doors present the best protection for cyclone areas around Australia.  Whether for your home or business, Firemex can manufacture and install our impact rated door for the peace of mind you and your family are protected during a time of need!


What makes us different? Quality assurance and extensive industry expertise. We are a one-stop service from start to finish – From manufacturing right through to supplying and installing the product. With three decades worth of experience in manufacturing and installing specialty doorsets, Firemex is the team of experts you can count on for a premium quality product that is uncompromising in safety and durability.


Maintain optimum security and safeguard your organisation’s biggest assets with the help of Firemex’s cutting-edge bullet proof, acoustic, lead lined and cyclone rated doors in Australia. To find out more about our services, please contact our team today on (07) 3277 3200.

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